Sam Hayles is an independent design consultant and award-winning graphic designer and has experience in working with bands, record labels, Trailer Music companies, DJs, Artists, Magicians and Music Composers since 1999!

Based in Edinburgh/Scotland after having lived and worked in France for over a decade, his capabilities span from concept development to design/direction, animation and illustration. He is also a practicing visual artist working across different mediums.

Sam spent time as a designer and worked for a few agencies, before becoming totally independant since 2004 to focus on his own design and style and this gave him the chance to grow into the style of design he truly enjoys creating and not be influenced by the various trends that seem to infiltrate the collective output of the design and illustration world.

Apparently he finds digital graphics so interesting, that he does it also in his free time!

For any job inquiries : big projects, small projects, comments, fanmail, parties, free stuff, long lost relatives, questions, and/or further information!
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