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“Working with Sam has been such a great experience. He is consistently driven to deliver concepts on schedule, he is committed to getting everything absolutely as the client wants it, and he’s a pleasure to deal with. A serious triple threat!”
Marc D’Amour - Audiomachine
“I have hired DOSE-productions for the design and motion for many varied creative projects over the last decade. I kind of feel like I discovered them in a way, and opened the door to the involvement with the music biz – and I am happy to have been able to connect those dots. Dose always produce amazing work, and have a knack of interpreting the demands of the client into tangible, unique, tailor-made designs of true quality. The only complaint I really have is that I can’t keep them all to myself!”
J.S. Clayden – Pitchshifter / PSI records /
“We’ve been working with Sam Hayles / DOSEprod for about a year now and are currently on our 15th project. With each new project, DOSEprod seems to find room to step it up from the last. Working with Sam Hayles is a pleasure and the work he has done helping to brand our music will always be appreciated.”
Adrian Augustin - Twisted Jukebox
“DOSE-productions are without doubt the most superlative, imaginative and speedy design service we have ever used. They elevate even the most basic brief into something truly stunning. Genius!”
Owen Packard - BigBlindMedia | Karnival-Inc | earthtone9 | Unearth The Kings

"Sam Hayles has been working on artwork for me for about 5 years. He has created my last two logo designs and backdrops and created many of my album covers. He is my go to artist for bespoke, epic, cinematic artwork. If you have a clear idea of what you want, Sam takes your vision and improves it ten fold and he is always happy to take suggestions until it's perfect. Sam is a true pleasure to work with."
Chris Haigh | Music composer | Co-owner at Gothic Storm Music -

"Sam Hayles has been a fantastic boon for my project, and is my go-to graphics designer in perpetuity. I had been searching online for a good album graphics designer for days; I must've looked at around a hundred. What I saw was something good here and there, but no one designer's work really knocked me out...until I happened upon Sam's site, Every single thing I saw on that site was amazing. Upon contacting him, I found that despite being so extraordinarily gifted, Sam's rates are competitive and he is very friendly and easy to work with. Accordingly, I do hereby shout this man's praises from the highest mountain!" 
Byron Fry - Composer | Arranger | Producer | Guitarist

“Phoenix Calling have been using Sam for the past year and he's produced three excellent singles covers, an album design, tour posters and T shirts for the band. He tuned in instantly to the bands style and we wouldn't go anywhere else. Thoroughly recommend him.”
Jon Hewitt (Band manager).

“DOSE-productions are some of the coolest, most creative visual artists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, much less working with. As a musician, it is sometimes very hard to comunicate musical terms or transpose them to what I’ll call a visual language. DOSE just f*#^ing get it. They are not only artists, they speak fluent music. An honor and a pleasure to work with this amazing amazing design studio”
BT (Brian Transeau) - DJ, Composer and musician

“DOSEprod are fucking awesome! pure punk rock genius graphic design studio. They have taken care of Pitchshifter and This is Menace for years!”
Mark Clayden – Bass player > Pitchshifter & This Is Menace

“Having decided to do a personal website I looked around at different designers and came across DOSE-productions . Every time I saw a website designed by Sam the only conclusion I could come up is that, the feel he creates in his work had this modern and emotional appeal that would talked to me. I knew if Sam was to design a site for me the collaboration would capture what I’m trying to portray creatively and I was not disappointed. Nice Job DOSE-productions!”
Mark Morgan – Music composer

“Ive been involved in bands and projects that have used DOSE-productions for nearly ten years now, in that time they have never failed to come up with the goods, from website and designs to music videos, everything I have commissioned DOSE to work on has come out amazing, they have a unique style and most importantly will always go the extra mile to ensure the best possible result”
Jim Davies – Guitarist (Pitchshifter | The Prodigy | Victory Pill)

“Working with DOSE means you’re guaranteed a wealth of design experience, a close working relationship and friendly communication resulting in fresh-to-death finished graphics, delivered bang on time. Get your Dose! “
Tim Rayner – dRAWBACKS

“We’ve been rockin’ graphical projects with DOSEprod since 2005. From our initial ideas, we leave them to run with it and they come back with some truly incredible work which is out there and on the money every time. Get your DOSE!”
Rick Powell, PP Music Ltd

“The unique creative quality and personality of DOSEprod works, will be easily noticed just looking to any piece with his sign on it. But how professional or efficient he could be, or they ability to turn your music and abstract concepts into something visual, is an outstanding experience you only will enjoy sharing your design or web project with him. Well done Mr. DOSE!”
Manuel Alcaraz, Composer and producer

“DOSE-productions have been instrumental in helping AOD achieve a professional and polished web presence, they were very professional to deal with and very efficient and made our jobs as do-it-yourself musicans much easier and allowed us to focus on more important tasks like securing a management and record deal, I would highly recommend DOSE-productions if you want top notch work on time and on budget”
Tim Morrison, Age of Daze

“DOSE-productions are miles ahead when it comes to top quality service. With incredible speed and efficiency, your project will be brought to life with outstanding creativity and artwork. Excellent!”
Paul Wilkie, Music composer
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